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Fund Management

N1 Asset Management is a fully owned subsidiary of N1 Holdings Ltd with Australian Financial Services License (AFSL #477879), which offers tailored wholesale funds management services to its clients. N1 Asset Management act as trustee and fund manager of our own mortgage fund - One Lending Fund, a property-backed Small to Medium Enterprises ("SME") mortgage fund to cater for small and medium sized business lending. 

Mortgage fund investment enquiries via to obtain Information Memorandum.

​Apart from mortgage fund, N1 Asset Management also participates in various industry investment, bridging the link between investors and high potential non-property projects, in the form of debt and equity funding.

Our fund and investment platform are built on the following foundations:

N1 has a team of experienced audit, compliance, investment, risk, legal, finance and operations experts in property and credit, both locally and internationally.


N1 Holdings Ltd board of directors, credit committee and advisors oversee the whole process, with rigid compliance as an ASX-listed entity, providing transparency and accountable performance monitoring.


N1 access to  a network of mortgage brokers, real estate agents, property developers, accountants and lawyers for first hand opportunities to quality securities. 


N1 provides regular reporting on the listing entity as well as managed funds to investors, with audited financials.  


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