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Direct Lending & Private Credit

We Lend Our Own Fund

OneLend - Fast funding 1st & 2nd Mortgages Business Purpose Loans

At N1 Holdings, we understand how Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), sophisticated property investors and property developers must work hard to stay ahead, sustain their business, and achieve significant growth. We value our clients more than anything and go beyond offering financing solutions that are ideal to our clients, to deliver time-sensitive outcomes for the needs of borrowers.

Leading short term alternative lender, direct lender and property financier in Australia

We are leading the short term alternative lending sector with innovative financing solutions, catering for millions of SME owners of Australia, of which 1 in 5 of them in need of finance at least once a year, while among them the top reason is to maintain short term liquidity. Our product is designed specifically to fill this underserved gap of short term liquidity. 

As a leading alternative lender, we are innovative in our lending appetite, adopting a forward looking and business sense approach, dismantling the obstacles of business owners need to access financing. Ideally, we deliver favourable outcome for business owners by enabling their growth, adding value to the largest employer group in Australia – the SME sector. 

Financial boost to empower your business

With all our offerings, clients are assured of the leading and most reliable funding source. We strive to deliver consistency and quality experience in accessing loans, with the aim to remove frictions and attain hassle-free industry leading standard. 

We work alongside accountants, legal professionals, mortgage brokers and property professionals to deliver value-adding solutions to their clients. Please contact us for the most updated products and offerings.

Common loan purpose


  • Bridging finance - Buy before Sold

  • Purchase and urgent settlement

  • Renovation of business premises

  • Working Capital

  • Business expansion 

  • Equipment acquisition and/or upgrade

  • Debt consolidation (Credit cards, ATO debts etc)

  • Equity release for business purpose

  • External administration/Receivership 

Acceptable security types

  • Residential properties (house/townhouse/units etc)

  • Commercial properties (office/shop/warehouse/clinic/ farm/childcare etc)

  • Residual Stock

  • Land banking

  • Others, please reach out to our specialist

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