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Introducing TRUST.n1holdings

TRUST.n1holdings is the testament to N1H's commitment into the company value of ethical, integrity and value. As a direct lender and property financier company, this page aims to provide transparency to drive industry leading trust, showcasing information on loan book size, funding balance, debt investment performance, debt security and other company essential information such as Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) information and Australian Credit License (ACL) Information, including responsible managers information, also serves the purpose of compliment and complaint channels. This page is in constant evolvement, we aim to provide information as accurate as possible, and thank you for your patience. 

N1 Holdings Limited (ASX:N1H) vault of TRUST

AFSL #477879

Responsible Managers:

1. Jia Penny HE

2. Llewellyn Jenkins

Compliance Manager:

1. Rob McWilliam

ACL #473016

ACL #389330

Responsible Managers:

1. Chunqing Ye

2. Yao Yao

3. Russ Townsend

Total Funding Size

Total Debt Commitment

Available to Lend




*The above figure is not real time and approximate figures only.

**Updated 22nd Sep 2021

Debt Investment Parameters

Average Loan Size

Average Loan Term

Average Loan LVR


277 days




Other States




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Crowe Howarth (N1H)

Shinewing Australia (Fund)