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What a lending webinar Q&A session tells about current property trend?

The week has gone by again while it's Friday at the time of writing this email.

What did we do this past week?

We have done two lending webinars.

The first webinar showcased business and commercial lending opportunities to over 60 accountants, who dedicated their time to learn how to better add value to their clients. And, they're rewarded with a CPD point.

The second webinar was all about private lending opportunities, packed with close to 60 participants of mortgage brokers, property developers and SME owners.

Apart from the usual saying that everyone active in the industry is keeping themselves abreast of the movers and shakers in the lending industry. What tells us most is usually at the Q&A sessions, these are the parts when real people raise queries on things that they have an urge or need to explore or understand. It's all about the need-to-know in their daily interactions of their career-lifestyle.

Scroll down and read below...

I have made the effort to note down the FAQs - frequently asked questions. And they're fresh new ones, as the webinars were done on Wednesday and Thursday evenings respectively. And we'll see what those queries tell us about the property trend.

1. I heard an accountant declaration for a 24 month old business can be a way for home loan application? (noted, though we were not talking about home loans, somehow a few people raised questions about popular alt doc loans in the market).

2. If I don't have pre-sale, it's a small scale apartment project, can I still borrow? I heard it's getting difficult to fund building apartments

3. The lockdown has delayed some of my clients' project delivery timeframe, while they had a construction facility in place, cost blowout meaning they'll need alternative solutions, can you help?

4. My client has multiple units in a single title building, DA is yet to be granted, can you fund?

Here we go...

These are random questions but participants' vibe suddenly rises to a new level when someone raised their hand (virtually) and asked the above. We were seeing a number of land banking deals in the past, recently however we filed a few enquiries on final stage construction. While the news might have conflicting message on construction activity, the clear roadmap to open up states and borders is probably waking up some "silent" sites.

This could be the time for you and us to seize the market opportunities.

We fund residentials, commercials, lands and final-stage construction, speak direct to decision makers, give us an email or a call.

Enjoy the weekend and wish you a happy week in advance.

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