• Ren Hor Wong

Property financing in reactivating and recovery

This time might be different.

Now that we see clear roadmap to freedom, sentiment uptick comes amid hopeful reopening, reactivating and recovery. And this time is safer, with higher vaccination rates. Unlike previous versions of reopening, we know it’s less likely we are going to have another lockdown again. So the keyword to successful reopening, reactivating and recovery is - certainty.

Certainty is critical this time round. When SMEs are certain activity is to continue without disruption we restock, when property developers are certain activity is to continue without disruption we start building, and when investors are certain activity is to continue without disruption we start entering the investment market. Certainty is the compass to recover 2k22.

Wild cards remain in the economy, could be the crashing price of our red dirt (iron ore), or the spillover effect from the media-frenzy Evergrande default event in China. Therefore, some people remain on the sideline while some committed into staying in the market, and in Australia the market is largely - Real estate. In saying that, although we see auction clearance rates not being tamed, we exercise caution monitoring the number of transactions and volume. In simple maths, median price can easily be distorted when sampling size is relatively smaller.

Property valuations continue to be done in accordance to the guideline of “significant valuation uncertainty” as per stated on all valuation reports due to declared “Global pandemic”. It’s okay, our work lives by property game, and we love property financing. We have gone so far as to settling loans prior to valuation reports delivered into our inbox.

We are proud to say we accept Australia wide residential, commercial and industrial properties as security, and not forgetting vacant land banking is also on our list. We however manage to slash pricing for established residential properties located at metro locations.

Check us out via website, send me an email or dial my mobile if you have scenarios to discuss or interested to learn more about our product offerings. Speaking to us is speaking direct to decision makers.

Happy property financing!

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