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Property Financing: Certainty, Confidence and Security

If you have seen the book by Thomas Sewell, “Wealth, Poverty and Politics”, or have read the famous “Guns, Germs and Steel” Jared Diamond. The former seems to favor the book title-ship style of the latter. In three words the authors want to reveal the focal points of society or human existence. And so we try to find our version of focal points in property financing, at least as applicable to recent times as possible - Certainty, Confidence and Security. It’s been a big week for us at N1 Holdings Limited (N1H), putting up our audited annual report through an announcement on ASX (Australian Securities Exchange). The executive management of N1H reflects what’s important to the company when it comes to sustainable growth - confidence in funding, that’s how we derive the second C in our three words title. The CONFIDENCE in funding enables us to continue settling loans with SME owners, property developers and sophisticated investors. If you’ve seen our previous email, it was about CERTAINTY ( So what is our confidence in funding?

N1 strength in funding confidence enables instantaneous capital deployment to settle loans quickly:

  1. N1 has committed over $70mil in funding and continue to grow in size

  2. N1 has diversified funding source - balance sheet, mortgage fund and institutional warehouse facility

  3. N1 as the fund manager of One Lending Fund - a pooled mortgage fund, opened to wholesale investors all the time who wish to tap into the yield of property financing

  4. N1 partners with a vast private investors network for contributory mortgage fund

What would happen if otherwise? If there isn’t a secured line of funding, when settlements of purchase or equity release looms, can led to disastrous scenarios:

1. Unable to settle or delayed settlement

2. Change of lending terms and conditions, for instance fees and rates. Etc The above which will resulted in subsequent monetary and reputational loss.

That’s why when it comes to property financing, speaks to lender that has confidence in funding.

Have a great week, we’ll talk more until next time. If you have a little bit of joyous reading our articles please feel free to visit

Looking forward to your email and let’s talk about your next lending scenarios!

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