• Ren Hor Wong

Private Lending that Goes beyond Short Term

I hope you are keeping well and safe during this challenging time.

Sharpen the pencil of Private Lending Small and Medium businesses are being hampered in this extended lockdown and restrictions. And we want to be able to do more to support SMEs Australia. So we have come out with a new product - private lending that goes beyond short term, and now up to 36 months loan term. What does this mean to borrowers?

  • More time to be in a better position of getting their financials ready ahead of refinancing or paying off the debt

  • Say goodbye to another extension fee, another set of establishment fees, and other fees

  • Best of all, option for early repayment should circumstances changed

Feeling restricted of security type? Not us These are some of our most recent settlements. We funded a variety of different security type, at various locations with numerous unique scenarios. Please reach out to discuss more.

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