• Ren Hor Wong

Lending solution for prestige property purchase

What would you think of when we speak of prestige properties? When we speak of prestige property, our mind by default would have imagined a nice beautiful house. Many of us would be forgiven to let prestige commercial property or office space lapsed our mind when investing. It’s worth to note there are prestige-status office spaces that are uniquely positioned somewhere in town.

We are ecstatic to have come across two financing scenarios of marvelous prestige properties in Sydney Eastern suburb and Lower North Shore.

The privacy and exclusive access to spanning views of beautiful Sydney city skyline and harbor are two most distinct factors shared by these prestige properties.

When it comes to financing of these properties, we often encounter special-purpose-vehicle as the holding entity of the asset. There are pros and cons, benefits and risks in using an SPV to hold an asset. Nonetheless, we are a direct lender that understands borrower’s requirements and we are proud to have helped many sophisticated investors to facilitate their unique borrowing needs.

We love prestige property financing across all states of Australia. Reach out to us if you have a scenarios to discuss.

Why choose N1?

1. Diverse and resilient funding. N1’s loans are funded through various large institutional and private funding sources.

2. Industry recognized. N1 holds AFSL and ACL, and registered with AFCA.

3. Tailored and niche product offering and outstanding service proposition.

4. Flexible policy, accept various property types Australia wide

What we offer:

  • First and second mortgage

  • Flexible policy and rates

  • Speak DIRECTLY to decision-makers

  • Funding ready to deploy

  • Terms and conditions laid out with no hidden fees and no hidden clauses

  • Residential, commercial, industrial property and vacant land accepted

  • All states of Australia welcomed

  • 3-36 months loan term

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