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N1 Asset Management (N1 Venture Pty. Ltd.) holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL No. 477879). It offers tailored wholesale funds management services. N1 Venture is also the fund manager of One Lending Fund, a property-backed SME Credit fund launched by N1 to cater for small and medium sized business lending. 

Apart from credit fund, N1 Venture also participates in various industry investment, bridging the link between investors and high potential non-property projects, in the form of debt and equity funding.  

We provide up to 8%pa net annual returns to investors
while providing liquidity (1 /2- year commitment)
and quarterly distributions to investors.

Give your investments a lift

The One Lending Fund is property-backed, lends short-term capital to small and medium sized businesses located in Australia, thus providing strong, consistent and predictable returns. The Loans will be secured by first or second ranking mortgages over property located in Australia and in some cases personal/directors’ guarantees will
be obtained.

The underwriting, funding, and loan management is performed and managed by N1 Venture Pty Ltd. N1 Venture Pty Ltd has a thorough underwriting process to make sure loans are only made to borrowers that have a high probability of success with the business and the ability to refinance the property if needed. Trustee is also  performed by N1 Venture Pty Ltd under the Intermediate Authorisation Agreement with Lanterne Fund Services Pty Ltd.

Our fund and investment platform is built on the following foundations

People – N1 has a team of experienced audit, compliance, investment, risk, legal, finance and operations experts in property and credit, both locally and internationally.

Board Governance – N1 Holdings Ltd board of directors, credit committee and advisors oversee the whole process, with rigid compliance as an ASX-listed entity, providing transparency and accountable performance monitoring.

Deal sourcing and due diligence – N1 access to  a network of developers, builders and project marketers, do provide comprehensive due diligence aspects and first hand opportunities to quality projects and security.

Regular fund reporting – we provide regular updates to our investors, with audited figures. 

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For more information on
The One Lending Fund Contact
Ren Hor Wong CEO
Suite 502, 77 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
+61 02 92626262

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Home loans and other credit services are provided by Credit Representatives of N1 Loans Pty Ltd ABN 36 142 259 854, Australian Credit License Number 473016. Fund management services are provided by N1 Venture Pty Ltd ABN 83 602 937 851, Australian Financial Services Licence Number 477879.


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