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N1 Asset Management, a subsidiary of ASX-listed N1 Holdings Ltd. (ASX:N1H) is an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) holder, with the authorization to act as issuer and trustee to wholesale Managed Investment Schemes (MIS).


N1 comprises a team of experienced professionals, empower your fund with a range of trustee services with deep understanding of administration, compliance and governance requirements. We are also managing our own fund - One Lending Fund ( N1 Holdings is an ASX-listed company, with experience in managing multiple asset and fund within compliant and regulatory framework, providing peace of mind services with the right budget and responsive speed-to-market. 


N1 is able to provide a one-stop-shop solution to fund and investment managers in the following activities:


1. Information Memorandum production

2. Offer documents production

3. Custody services

4. Fund administration and accounting services


We are able to act as independent and wholesale trustee for various fund including but not limited to credit, infrastructure, real estate and fund of funds. 

Asset Management Team


Ren Hor Wong

Executive Chairman and CEO

penny photo 1.JPG

Jia Penny He

N1H Executive Director & CFO, AFSL Responsible Manager

Mr Wong is the founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for N1 Loans Pty Ltd. Mr Wong has been responsible for developing N1’s business strategy and expanding the business into Asia Pacific. 

Ms He is a Certified Practising Accountant and a licenced  financial adviser. She has over 15 years combined industry experience in accounting and finance.

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Rob McWilliam

AFSL Compliance Manager


Llewellyn Jenkins

AFSL Responsible Manager

Mr McWilliam is a specialist compliance consultant over 20 years experiences on advising boutique funds management groups and sitting as an external compliance committee member for responsible entities.

Mr Jenkins is an experienced fund and corporate professional with over 16 years experience. He has developed and managed financial products in global financial jurisdictions across public and private as well as debt and equity markets. 


Briney He

Investment Manager

Briney He developed her career in N1 since 2013. As an investment manager in Asset Management division, Briney is responsible for analysing investment portfolios and producing performance reporting as well as investment operations and compliance support. Briney holds bachelor’s degree of Mathematics at King’s College London and master’s degree in computational Statistics and Machine Learning focusing on risk management at University College London.  Briney also holds a second master’s degree in Financial Economics.

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