• No deposit required

  • Pre-tax deduction

  • Negotiated price for a wide range of brands

  • Full claim on the GST of car

  • Underlying bank is supported by Macquarie and STG

Salary Saver is a new generation form of salary packaging that has total transparency to the customer and provides zero FBT and zero residual value options to the employee leasing a vehicle as part of their employment. Salary Saver is also about more options for the buyer, like where and how you purchase your vehicle.

The primary benefit of Salary Saver is the money an employee can save by using Salary Saver to purchase and pay for a vehicle and the options of being able to also include all other vehicle costs in the finance package. It allows you to lump all your vehicle costs into one monthly payment paid by your employer, giving you in most cases more take home income.

It is one of the last ways a PAYG employee can claim some vehicle cost from their taxable income.

Case Study

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Do You Qualify?

If you are a full time employee on PAYG Tax payments with your employer, you qualify. The more kilometres you do annually will also add to your benefit. If you use your vehicle for any significant amount of your employment you may find even greater tax savings.

Employee Benefits

As an employee on full-time PAYG you can increase your take home pay significantly in most cases by using Salary Saver. It is much easier than you probably think to organise with National Fleet and we give you access to a FREE advisory and buying service for your car.

Employer Benefits

Many employers think that they cannot offer salary packaging to their employees because they are too small or that there is a cost or complexity attached to the practice. The truth is actually the opposite. It is easy to implement, you get a cash advantage as an employer and your employees will appreciate working for you even more.

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