Employee Benefits

Salary Saver is designed to make it easy for the buyer and it gives you access to the most cost effective way to buy, finance and manage your vehicle.

We can even explain to your employer how easy it is for them and how they can save money by letting you salary package using Salary Saver.

Read the section under ‘Do you Qualify?’ for lots of FAQ’s but lets point out just some of your advantages as an employee with Salary Saver.

  1. You can get a substantial DISCOUNT on the purchase of your next vehicle

  2. You can re-finance your current vehicle or even buy a private or used vehicle (conditions apply)

  3. All your vehicle costs can be paid by your employer in one monthly payment leaving you with more disposable and savings income for everything else

  4. You will most likely pay less tax and a quote will evaluate that for you immediately

  5. Salary Saver can reduce the running costs of your vehicle and it will manage your bills and commitments for you

  6. It is the only way you can buy and finance a vehicle and pay less for your vehicle at the end of the lease than you were paying for the vehicle at the beginning (including interest payments)

  7. With Salary Saver we prefer to set it up so that you have zero FBT and no excess residual payments to make at the end of your lease.

  8. We can even guarantee the residual (balloon) price of your vehicle at the end of your lease


If you have ever had a bad experience with salary packaging then you will find we have fixed all the problems with Salary Saver.

So call or contact us now for a FREE no obligation consult and we can run through some options for you on 1800 001 118