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At N1 Business Lending, we understand how SMEs have to work doubly hard to stay ahead, sustain their business and achieve significant growth. We make it a point not only to offer financing solutions that are ideal for SMEs but also make sure that our process takes into consideration their time and resources.

We value our clients more than anything, and following our simple 5-step process they never have to question what to fill out, what requirements to procure or what steps they need to take next. Our entire process is laid out in an orderly fashion to eliminate all confusion and ensure our clients’ needs are fully met.


Recent Deals Done in Development Finance and Commercial Loans

  1. Bella Vista 12 townhouses construction loan build-to-rent $4,140,000

  2. Sydney west 16 units apartments construction loan $5,595,000

  3. West Ryde 10 apartments build to rent construction loan $3,130,000 

  4. Peakhurst 9 townhouses residual stock funding/financing $3,200,000

  5. Newcastle 12 townhouses construction loan $6,480,000

  6. Central Coast 9 units of apartments with presales construction loan $4,400,000

  7. Purchase of Motel Sydney south $1,200,000

  8. Paramatta 16 apartments residual stock financing $5,000,000

  9. ​Newcastle 4 townhouses construction loan $1,900,000

  10. Killara Duplex construction loan - $4,000,000

  11. Sylvania development site – land loan $1,250,000

  12. Burwood commercial property purchase loan $2,980,000

  13. Waterloo commercial property refinance loan $1,300,000

  14. Pinjarra commercial property refinance loan $4,935,000

  15. Cooper Plain petrol station purchase loan $1,650,000

  16. Campsie construction loan $1,610,000

  17. Maroubra construction loan – construction last stage -$450,000

  18. Rural land purchase in Wilberforce NSW for farm production $1,000,000 

  19. Mascot commercial office loan $600,000

  20. Debtor Finance $8,000,000 for a large hospitality group via a major bank 

Email our team of commercial lending and development finance specialists to find out more:

Commercial Property Loans

N1 helps borrowers to navigate the complexity of applying for a commercial property loans, and avoid lenders’ traps of finding excuses to charge commercial property investors.


Commercial property loans are much more complicated than residential property loans (home loans), with numerous hidden clauses, fees and charges applicable. 


We are among the Australia Top 10 Business Loans Writer, that gives you peace of mind when it comes to commercial property investments. 


Unsecured Business Loans


Burgeoning fintech lenders industry in the market is making choosing a helpful unsecured business lender a daunting task. Unsecured business lenders normally lend from $5,000 to $150,000 to operating businesses without having the need to mortgage your property, with a term up to two years.


Buying a Business and funding business startup


There at a number of different ways to access funding for entrepreneurs, both via debt and equity financing. 


N1 is able to source unsecured or secured (mortgages with property to maximise borrowing and reduce costs) business loans for aspiring entrepreneurs. 


We have helped Australian businesses acquire other businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart their journey into starting a successful business. 

Leading short term private lender in Australia

Short term finance is a growth industry that has seen an increase in demand globally, and Australia is no exception. It is because of this demand that N1 Business Lending has become a leading provider of private finance loans and short term business loans in Australia.


The company consistently delivers flexible solutions with best-in-market rates and swift and compliant loan processing. Brokers, Accountants & Financial Planners rely on our private short term finance solutions to assist their clients in bypassing cash flow issues, securing new equipment and financing expansions. We’ve helped numerous clients achieve their business goals while avoiding financial issues with ease. 

​With all of our short term loans offerings, clients are assured of the best and most secure financial assistance. We strive to deliver a seamless, reputable and beneficial loan experience for both borrower and referrer.

Flexible Short Term Business Loans

Our private business loans cater to a number of different financing needs. Our clients use our loans for:


  • Working capital (purchase stock, increase sales)

  • Expand current business

  • Business credit cards

  • Equipment acquisition

  • Maintenance or upgrade of existing systems or equipment

  • R&D or the purchase of IP

  • Acquisition of additional business

  • Starting up an additional business

  • Trade Finance

  • Purchase of premises

  • Refinancing

  • Equity release, reimburse owner’s funds

  • ATO liability

  • Employee wages & super

  • Payout business partners

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