Car Loans

Car Loans

Need money for a new car?


Whether you're a PAYG employee or a Self-employed business owner and buying a car through a dealership or from a private seller n1 Car Loan can help you to achieve this in a fast, reliable, hassle-free fashion.


With more than 10 lenders on our panel to choose from, our aim is to find you with the most suited product with a tailored repayment option and a lowest interest rate. In most cases, we can provide you with an approval within 24-48 hours.


Generally, our lenders are willing to lend 100% of the vehicle price with no upfront deposit required. Lenders simply use the vehicle as collateral to secure the loan.

Assessment criteria depends on the type of loans:


  1. Consumer Loan

  2. Chattel Mortgage

  3. Hire Purchase

  4. Lease

  5. Novated Lease


Again, we understand and we care that is why we have dedicated specialists who will guide you through the whole process and make it work for you.






Equipment Finance


Need an equipment or an income producing asset for your business?

Whether you need a dental chair, a forklift, a commercial printer or a specialised equipment, n1 loans can help you to obtain your finance sooner.


When it comes to business equipments, paying cash up front for the goods can sap much-needed business capital. 60% of SMEs in Australia use equipment finance to fund the purchases.


Equipment finance is lending secured on the underlying assets being acquired.


There are advantages using equipment finance:

  • Simple, regular repayments for easy budgeting

  • Flexibility, means that you choose how the finance is structured

  • Tax benefits


Typical types of equipment finance includes:

  • Lease, a finance lease helps you keep your options open when you acquire an asset, by not committing yourself to ownership

  • Hire Purchase, a simple, well-established way to finance the acquisition of equipment and machinery for your business

  • Chattel Mortgage, a way to own the goods upon delivery. The lender places a charge over the assets until the loan is fully repaid.


Application process is generally very simple and straight forward, because we understand and we care that is why we have dedicated specialists who will guide you through the whole process and make it work for you.


At n1 finance, we are proud of our “Diamond-Class” customer service and can-do attitude, should you have any questions at any time you can either call us or email us at





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